All About Orgonite

The name ‘Orgonite’ was first coined by Karl Welz who combined inorganic resin with metal shavings – a direct development of the research on ‘Orgone’ (also known as Chi and Prana in the East) by Wilhelm Reich in the 1950s who created the ‘Orgone Accumulator’ which was a box with healing potential, and the ‘Cloudbuster’ which was a device that affected weather and the local formation of clouds.

Modern day Orgonite was developed by Don & Carol Croft of Idaho, USA and is a combination of Karl Welz’s resin & metal, with the addition of charged quartz crystal. This charged crystal transforms the device from something which attracts both positive and negative life force energy into something which essentially eats negative energy and gives out positive energy.

Orgonite also benefits humans in ways that are difficult to quantify but undeniable once they have been experienced.

Positive Energy (POR) is essential for all living things to thrive in good health, and conversely Negative Energy is responsible for a wide variety of ill health.

The abbreviation ‘POR’ was coined by Wilhelm Reich (for Positive ORgone) but the etheric energy he was studying has been prevalent in abundance since the beginnings of life in the universe.
In recent times; its flow has become blocked by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which represents the greatest etheric problem of the modern world.
In areas charged with EMR; all life suffers from a shortage of POR.

Orgonite continuously removes the EMR produced by our electronics and electromagnetic installations allowing the natural POR to return to the area.
Orgonite is one of the only two ways to solve the problem of EMR in our environment (the other being to disable all electrical generators).

Orgonite is a simple mixture of metal shavings (preferably spiral form), an insulator (usually polyester resin) and a small quantity of natural crystal (most commonly quartz).

The metal shavings, when individually insulated in resin, form an inductor matrix which drains off the ambient EMR from its immediate area.
The crystal material converts the concentrated EMR into heat via a process known as electrostriction.
The heat escapes harmlessly, allowing more EMR to be absorbed in a continuous process without end.

Orgonite is easily made by anyone who has access to easily sourced materials and with minimal bench skills.

Many people in EMR charged environments suffer from headaches, disturbed sleep patterns, short temper, loss of concentration, physical fatigue and an endless list of physical ailments.
Many plants and animals that share these areas also suffer from a range of health problems; the bulk of which are due to a lack of POR.

When Orgonite is introduced into areas such as this; the EMR is rapidly drained off and the POR returns immediately.
The problems associated with a protracted lack of POR soon fade and disappear.
This is why people feel happy, relaxed and healthy when they have Orgonite around; why plants and animals thrive near Orgonite and why weather systems normalize.

Orgonite is frequently deployed in the environment; a practice often called ‘Gifting’.
Major sources of EMR such as transmitter towers are usually targeted first by placing a small block of Orgonite nearby each installation.
The basic unit of tactical Orgonite is known as a Tower Buster (TB).
It can be any shape but is typically a cylinder; around 2 inches or so in diameter and about an inch thick.

More decorative Orgonite pieces are sometimes made to be placed in domestic environments.
Whilst many of these pieces are rather more aesthetically pleasing than tactical Orgonite; the basic objective remains the same.