Benefits of Stone Bathtubs

The greatest problem with choosing an eco-friendly material for your bathroom lies in the fact that you first have to find a way to define eco-friendly. In theory, a cast iron bathtub is an eco-friendly material, right? After all, iron can be found in nature. On the other hand, the process of manufacturing these tubs on a massive scale causes an ecological disaster, seeing as how this industry doesn’t have the lowest of carbon footprints.

So, which alternatives are there for you? While there are always those going for acrylic, copper or even fiberglass, there’s one more alternative that’s more than worth considering. We’re, of course, talking about stone. Aside from bringing a natural look to your bathroom, it helps you create your own indoor oasis without compromising the well-being of the planet in the slightest. Here are several other benefits of stone bathtubs that you need to consider.

Stone Bathtubs

1.      It absorbs and conserves heat

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to the beneficial properties of stone tubs is the fact that they absorb and conserve heat for much longer. In fact, it adapts to the temperature of the water so quickly that it further enhances your bathing experience, giving you a pleasant surprise you haven’t hoped for. This also means that your water remains warm a tad longer which increases the duration of your baths and saves energy. In other words, this is yet another way for you to boost the eco-friendliness of your home.

2.      Maintenance

While this particular feature may be considered as a disadvantage by some, from the ecological point of view, the maintenance of a stone bathtub is definitely an advantage. Strong chemical compounds aren’t quite as effective here, which causes people to turn to more natural (even homemade) solutions instead. As for the specific maintenance methodology, it all depends on your current objective. Are we talking about scratches, cuts or merely a preventive procedure? Either way, after a brief adjustment period, you won’t really be able to notice that this trend differs in any way from your current way of maintenance.

3.      Affordability

People who claim that stone bathtubs are particularly expensive clearly fail to see the bigger picture. After all, your bathtub is a focal point of the entire bathroom, which means that by replacing it, you’ll be forced to remodel your entire bathroom. Sure, you might pay more for the tub itself, yet, using stone for the rest of your bathroom might more than make up for this cost difference.

Here, we’re not talking merely about the cost of the fixture, seeing as how you stand to save a small fortune on the installation (which is incredibly easy when it comes to natural stone) and the fact that stone as a material is quite energy-efficient. On the other hand, some retailers like ACS Designer Bathrooms have special event sales that can make the bathtub quite affordable.

4.      Uniqueness

Those who would like very much for their bathroom to be decorated in a certain style yet dread the idea of it being generic might find a stone bathtub to be a saving grace. From all the above-listed, it becomes more than clear that stone bathtubs are a rare commodity in households all over the world. That being said, it is highly unlikely that any of your friends and neighbors have the ability to boast with this fixture. This is not only an ego boost but also gives you an actual increase in your home’s resale value.

5.      Durability

Investing in a stone bathtub is an investment in your bathroom’s durability. We’re not just talking about its resistance to scratches but other factors contributing to its wear and tear rate, as well. When it comes to this, heat and dust are two most natural culprits. This, on the other hand, might turn out to be a tad inconvenient in certain scenarios. For instance, a stone bathtub (or tile for that matter) wouldn’t give you a reason to move or remove it anytime soon, which is why you need to ensure that it’s right where you want it to be.

6.      A compromise

Finally, there are always those who desire to implement the look of a stone bathtub in their bathroom, without actually having to worry about the installation of this heavy fixture, its tad more complicated maintenance and all that follows. Sometimes, however, you’ll have to worry about the structural integrity of your home, seeing as how not all structures are capable of supporting a full-stone tub. As an alternative, they can look for a matte acrylic bathtub and achieve the same effect. This is also a great compromise for those who plan to make their stony bathroom, yet, have to postpone the purchase of a stone tub. This can serve as a suitable temporary replacement.


From everything listed above, it’s easy to deduce that a stone bathtub gives your home a threefold value. First, it boosts the visuals of your home. Second, it boosts its resale value. Third, it gives it an eco-friendlier approach to interior design. Combined together, they make an offer with an irresistible appeal.

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