Gardening in the UK: how much does it cost?


Looking after our gardens has become a popular trend in the UK, but this comes at a price. It’s estimated that over the course of a gardener’s lifetime, they’ll spend £30,000 on tending to their garden. A staggering amount by anyone’s standards, but just how does the amount break down?

When looking at what this money is going towards, £10,000 is spent on plants and £9,000 on renewing patios or decking. This decking cost is based on renewing the patio and decking six times over their lifetime.

£30,000 was a figure from 2014 but today, we can see that the cost is slowing down. A survey by Lloyds Bank Insurance found that households spend an average of £587 on gardening in a 12-month period between 2015 and 2016.

But how much will this cost us throughout our life? If we take the average UK lifespan at 80 years old and consider that most Brits won’t buy their first home until they’re 30, we can assume around 50 years of gardening. Based on the £587 average household spend, more recent data suggests that this spend has dropped to £29,350 — a £750 decrease on the figures from 2014.

If you’re not one that likes to do the garden work, then hiring an expert might be the right decision for you. However, this isn’t without cost.

With the help of ericaceous compost and garden supplies retailer Compost Direct, we’ve discovered how much keeping a garden in the UK can cost when you hire in the professionals or do it yourself.

Using a professional

Hiring someone to cut your grass can cost around £30 although this does depend on how much land you require them to tend to. Between March and September, this will usually be required fortnightly, racking up a total cost of £420 annually. Assuming a cost of a regular lawnmower is £100, this is just a fraction of the cost of professional lawn cutting service.

Adding a patio to your garden

A patio could be the perfect spot for you to have when relaxing in your garden. Laying a patio around 4m by 2m costs £475 on average. If you were to do the work yourself, you’d need around 18 900mm x 900mm paving slabs. You’ll also need to consider the cost of hardcore and bedding mortar. It is also a labour-intensive task so, while you may be able to save money, it may be more worthwhile to call in the professionals.

Adding a shed to your garden

When purchasing a shed, a basic shed price can come to around £150. However, the cost of building a garden shed is £150 too, assuming the flat base is already in place. Although it may seem complex, building your own shed could save you some cash.

Adding decking to your garden

Decking can be difficult to install, and therefore a lot of buyers leave it to the professionals to install. But how do the costs compare?

When hunting for decking, make sure you get the right information – focus on installation costs and the cost of raw materials. For budget timber, you can expect to pay around £14 per square meter. For a decking that’s around 14m2 — approximately the size you’ll need to house a dining table and chairs — you can expect to pay £196 just for the basic boards.

If you’re after the likes of premium hardwood boards for your decking, your approach may be different. The price can rise to approximately £90 per square meter, bringing the total to £1,260 for the same 14m2 area. You’ll also have the cost of fittings on top of this, as well as a drill and saw if you don’t already have this.

With installation of decking being so complex, heavily reliant on the shape of your garden, UK joiners usually charge around £150-200 per day and this is usually a two day job. In total, installing basic decking will likely cost around £596, while you can expect to pay £1,660 for premium hardwood decking.





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