Is a Combi Boiler Right for You?

Combi Boiler

A combi boiler is a popular option in the UK for household heating. As the name implies, it is both a central heating boiler and highly efficient water heater in one compact unit. With this type of heating, there is no need for a separate hot water cylinder, so it saves you space and installation costs. It is also preferred by users because they can enjoy showering without a pump for hot water, as it works using the pressure from the mains. In this post, learn how it works and if it is the right type of heating for your home.

How it works

A combi boiler is supplied by water from the mains, which is then heated as necessary. It is just on standby when water is not needed, so there is hot water anytime. Since water is delivered from the mains pressure, no pump is needed, so there is adequate pressure for a more powerful shower. To produce hot water, the cold water runs through a very efficient heat exchanger. This moves the heat from the burnt gas to the water, which is then distributed to taps and showers, etc. This system is highly efficient as there is no hot water tank, so there is no heat lost as hot water is created only as required.

Central heating

For your central heating, the system circulates water around it via an entirely sealed mechanism. There is no need for external feed and expansion tanks as the boiler can incorporate internally an expansion tank, saving a huge deal of space. However, one of the issues with this type of heating is that it is not capable of delivering central heating and heating water at the same time. It usually gives priority to hot water for use in sinks, etc. but as soon as it is finished, central heating resumes.


With combi boilers, no heat is lost as water is not stored in tanks, saving you some money on your bill. Many of today’s boilers are condensing models. They use heat within exhaust gases which are vented outside. They make use of the latent heat from heat exchangers, so fuel is saved when heating water, which also saves on costs.


One issue with a combi boiler is that if multiple outlets need water, there might be a drop in pressure. This can be fixed by installing a booster for the mains or an accumulator tank. Another issue is that if it breaks, no hot water will be supplied, unlike in hot water tanks that come with an electric immersion heater.

Combi boilers offer many advantages, making it a common type of household heating system. They come with issues, but these can now be fixed with available technology. If there is a big demand for hot water in your home, it is a great option. It is reliable, space saving and easier to install. If you’re looking to replace your current system, a combi boiler is highly recommendable. Take time to compare combi boiler prices to get a good deal.



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