Reasons Composite Doors are a Good Choice for Today’s Homes


Many different materials have been used for doors. From classic wood to aluminium, fibreglass and vinyl, they all have their pros and cons. Composite doors are one of the options on the market these days, and there are reasons why these doors are becoming more popular. If you are looking to improve your home, it’s high time to give new materials and products some serious consideration.


Many door manufacturers in the UK today comply with high industry standards to make sure consumers use high security doors. These include composite door manufacturers which feature multipoint locking systems that meet PAS 23/24 requirements. These are standards that test the performance of doors and windows, making sure they are strong, reliable and weather resistant.


High quality composite doors, such as those at Truedor, are designed to resist warping, swelling or losing shape since they are built with different layers of materials. They remain stable and rigid in any conditions.

No Fading

One common problem with doors is fading, especially when constantly exposed to the sun. With composite doors, colour is not painted on the surface. The uPVC or GRP surface material is coloured throughout. Additionally, pigments used in colouring composite doors are UV resistant, as they contain protective chemicals.

Various style options

Composite door manufacturers are able to offer doors in a range of styles, designs and colours. Customers can even customise their doors to suit their home and personal preferences, with various glass patterns, accessories, and frames. If you want to increase your home’s kerb appeal, why not make a statement and choose a door with a nice, unique colour such as red instead of the usual, boring shade.


Composite doors have less impact on the environment since they are manufactured from recycled materials. Furthermore, they create a highly efficient thermal barrier to reduce heat transfer. You can enjoy a warmer home and reduce your energy consumption.

Fire Rated

Good quality composite doors are made to resist heat. The surface is thick, while the core resists combustion. They meet standards for residential fire doors, so you and your family will be safe.

Easy Maintenance

Composite doors are very easy to maintain. You can just wipe them with a dry, soft cloth daily or use warm soapy water on the frame occasionally. When stained, uPVC cleaning products are safe to use. With a little cleaning, your door can last a long time. This makes them a good choice if you want a long-lasting door that’s worth the investment.

Glazing Options

These doors can be fitted with double-glazing which means you can enjoy a quieter and warmer home while controlling your energy consumption. Composite doors have an insulated core and chambered frame.

With the many advantages of using composite doors, it’s not surprising why they continue to be a popular option among UK homeowners. Be sure to choose a reputable manufacturer which offers not just a good-looking door, but a high-quality one, too.


Image via freedigitalphotos.net/ Stuart Miles

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