How to Correctly Light Up Your Living Area and Make it a Much Cosier Living Space

Living Space

Your house is a special place – it’s an area where you live, where you should be at peace, where you relax after a hard day’s work, where you prepare for the day to come, and where you spend time with loved ones; unwinding, relaxing, creating memories. It’s a special place, and should be considered as such.

Unfortunately, few people have the knowledge of how to make a house truly a centre of warmth and comfort; few people actually understand the power of the right kind of lighting. Lighting is not just a matter of convenience and necessity. Lighting is also a matter of setting the tone and mood, of ensuring that people are at their full potential and yet ultimately relaxed. Here’s how to correctly light up your living area and make it a much cosier living space.

The various kinds of lights

In general, the lighting of a home should be composed of layers. Four kinds of lighting should be mixed into an appropriate blend: general (ambient) lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. Your living area will need all four to make it as homey as possible.

The natural light

The light that nature provides – that which comes through the windows – is both the cheapest and the healthiest. Hence, try to make the most of it. However, you will need to arrange for artificial lighting during the evenings and winter months. For this, you’ll need fixtures.

Various lighting fixtures

Here are just some of the most popular kinds:

  • The chandelier or pendant. It’s a classic, and it’s a beauty. It’s a form of art, perfect for general lighting.
  • Practical recessed lighting. Recessed lighting should be practical, and provided where you need it most, such as industrial lighting spotlights and the like.
  • Sconces. Fixtures that attach to the wall rather than the ceiling are often great for decorative and accent purposes.
  • Floor lamps. They come in many sizes and shapes, and are great for mood setting as well as decoration.
  • Accent lighting. Why not shine a small, subtle light on that beautiful painting?

Here’s one more thing many people don’t consider in their living area, but which can make a very big difference: mirrors at strategic places. A decorative mirror can do much more than simply provide a reflection for the viewer who needs to comb his or her hair. It also adds style to the room and allows the light in the room to bounce back and illuminate various areas. It adds to the whole atmosphere. Positioned strategically, it can allow the natural light that comes from the windows to have a much more far-reaching effect. Lighting is an art – as is living in style. The good news: it’s easier than you think.


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