Interior Design Tips For People With Disabilities

In the event that you or someone you love is affected by a disability, interior design changes are normally necessary. There are many things that should be considered. Unfortunately, in most cases people forget about this since they have to deal with the Tampa Bay SSDI Lawyer, get treatment and deal with the mental anguish of the problem that appeared. However, making changes to the design of the apartment helps much more than what you may think, from physical and mental points of view.

The truth is that when you decorate for disabled people, things can get tough. Homes are normally not going to be accessible for those in a wheelchair. This simple example highlights only one of the difficulties that will appear. If you want to have a good interior design for disabled people, here are things to remember.

Bathroom Interior Design

In most situations the complete re-design is the only option available. Adapting the existing vanities is definitely possible but that is not always the case. You want to be sure that you add the fixtures that will make life easier for the person that is disabled. Also, in many cases handicap grab bars have to be installed in different parts of the bathroom.

Kitchen Interior Design

In many cases the big challenge is making the space necessary for wheelchair access and manoeuvring. Besides this, you will want to also renovate the kitchen. Multi-height countertops are normally recommended so that all people can use the kitchen with ease. Lower tables are great alternatives when thinking about working surfaces. Try to remove the double door cabinets and do not forget about storage needs. Making the kitchen accessible is not that easy if storage is not considered.

Sight And Hearing Impairments

Whenever there are people that have hearing or sights impairments it is really important to talk with a professional that knows a lot about interior design. This is because various different home modifications have to be made, normally with a focus put on safety. Lighting, furniture placement and even colour schemes to help vision impaired people are just some factors that are to be considered. Some devices present in regular kitchens will not have a lot of impact while new ones can have a huge impact on decorating.

Asking For Input

One of those really important things that have to be remembered is that it is the disabled person that should offer input about what can help and what cannot help. Interior design work has to accommodate the needs of the disability. This is sometimes not considered and leads towards huge problems.

Make sure that you discuss all available options and that you try to showcase everything associated in a way that is as simple as possible. If you have no idea what the disabled person needs, talk with the doctor. In the event that you cannot talk to the disabled person, simply go for the general modifications that normally work great, based on the characteristics of the disability.

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