Tile Patterns to Show case Your Floor

After you’ve bought your tile, chose the colors, and the materials, the next obvious step is to have the tile installed. But, you might not be aware that there are several different tile patterns available; that is, you can place the tiles a certain way or in a pattern to create a different look than the same old same old. If you’re looking for some ideas on patterns, look no further than the sample  and ideas explained below.

Moroccan Tile Design

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Straight Lay

This is the standard when laying tile. You have two options when doing it this way, buy tile sizes so that the entire installation is straightforward, or you can create a “frame” by using slimmer pieces on the outer edge of the floor. Either way, this is the simplest and fastest pattern available. This is the one that is found in almost everyone’s home across the country.

tile design

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When you look at a diagonal pattern you might think, well, they are just like the straight lay. But, what makes the difference in all of these patterns, is where the door opens up to. In this case, the door opens up to a diagonal pattern on the floor. Usually, this is done at a 45-degree angle. It makes the floor feel bigger than it really is and adds a little more interest visually. Everything is at an angle in this pattern.

Running Bond

A running bond also called a brick pattern is just what it sounds like. All of the tiles that are used are offset by half of the width of each tiles. Every single crease will lay halfway towards the middle of another tile. Just like a brick road or a wall. Each piece will have to be cut accordingly, and if you have any tight spaces, these pieces will also have to be cut specially.


If you’ve purchased two different colors of tiles, this is another cool option. The checkerboard has been used since the 50s, but if you don’t want to make it look gaudy or have that sort of older style, you can place a frame of one color around the perimeter of the floor. This creates a really classic style. Funny enough, you can use any material for the checkerboard pattern. Wood can also be used for this. But, it looks really neat. This can be done using two types of wood. One stained, a sort of walnut color and the other one left as is.

Diagonal With Dots

This is like the diagonal pattern explained above, except in between every section where the corners of the tiles match you would place a smaller square tile on a diagonal (looks like a diamond when it’s installed). You can essentially use any size for the bigger and smaller squares, but since this is more of a decorative option, it’s better to have the smaller tiles as small as you can get them. It’s not really about surface at this point, it’s just about the decorative aspect of the smaller tiles. You can get as ornate or simple as you want with this pattern.

Basket weave

This has a really neat and very different look than the other options above. This is made using wide squares, as well as rectangles to create a woven basket look. Whole the straight lay is easiest to install, this one takes a little more planning and craftsmanship to get it done right. The weave can be as tight or loose as you want.


This is a popular option for bathrooms, but it also can be used in kitchens as well. All of the tiles are placed on an angle. Not only is this a popular option with tile floors, but also stone and wood floors as well. It creates a really nice visual feel.

These patterns do change the overall look and feel of the tile significantly. The more complex patterns will take some planning, either on your end or with the contractor that is installing the tile. In some cases, if it’s really decorative it might cost a little bit more money, but it will be worth it once it’s all finished.

Herringbone tiles design

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Not only can any of above mentioned tile patterns i.e. basket weave, herringbone, and diagonal (subway style) can be used with tiles of porcelain, natural stone and ceramic, and other materials as well such as hardwood and laminate. Wood laminate flooring comes in planks, but they can also come in squares as well, which would work out well for any of the patterns above. There you have it your your innovative tile pattern ideas for your bathroom renovation or kitchen remodeling project.

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