The Best and Easiest Way to Choose a Whirlpool Bath – What You should Remember

Whirlpool Bath

You want to buy a whirlpool bath and that’s a great choice; bringing all that luxury and relaxation into your home, transforming your private space into a spa where well-being is nourished – it’s a major step towards improving your quality of life. However, there are so many whirlpools out there, and ever since Jacuzzi came out with its first prototype more than forty years ago, manufacturers have been adding features and designs to cater to your every need. The options nowadays are staggering, so it can be hard to choose. Which variety fits best? Here’s an explanation of the best and easiest way to choose a whirlpool bath – what you should remember.

First things first: practical considerations

You may already have a colour or specific design in mind – and that’s great – but it’s always wise to leave those decisions for later. Think about practical aspects first.

  • Size of bathroom. You’ll have to make sure the whirlpool bath fits in your bathroom, of course. It’s always a good idea to make a floor plan on paper, keeping in mind the position of other items in the bathroom (such as cabinets with opening doors, and so on). Oh – and don’t just check the size of the bathroom; also check the size of your doors to see if it’s actually possible to fit the whirlpool bath through the door and inside the bathroom.
  • Plumbing requirements. Most whirlpool baths are easy to install and are made to be compatible with existing plumbing, but some may require some adjustments or renovation. Check the specifications first.
  • The electrical supply. As with the plumbing, your whirlpool bath should not present any problem – but it’s better to be safe and double-check.
  • Features and more. There are many kinds of whirlpool baths out there, and their features will have a direct effect on the budget and on the requirements in the bathroom.

Styles and types

A little hint: a round or oval whirlpool bath tends to fit better into a classic bathroom, whereas a square or rectangular one complements the design of the contemporary bathroom.

And here’s one more thing to consider, an important and often overlooked assessment to make: how much maintenance does the whirlpool bath require, and how much time can you spare ensuring that the whirlpool bath works to the best of its abilities? The fact is that most whirlpool baths are easy to maintain – in fact, they often have a self-cleaning function that makes maintenance a lot easier. However, it’s an important thing to think about. Don’t forget, your whirlpool bath is designed to give you pleasure and improve your lifestyle. It’s all about quality of life, after all.


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