Re-furbishing Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way

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When you want to redecorate your home but your environmental conscientiousness is telling you to hold back before you contaminate the world further, it’s time to look into the other options available to you in life. Just because you want a nicer looking pad doesn’t mean you are an evil person. And just because you are an environmentalist doesn’t mean you need to live in a shabby looking dwelling either.

As with everything in life, moderation is key to success. You can redecorate your home and be environmentally-friendly at the same time. All you need to do is a little research and find items that will leave you feeling comfortable both physically and emotionally. Check out the inventory at Home Decorators Collection to see some of the great eco-friendly items on offer. Right now, you can find a Grainsack Pouf made from 100% jute. This authentic grainsack even has the faded purple and aquamarine markings on it! Know that your purchase did not require the felling of trees or slaughtering of an animal- all you asked of the world was to repurpose an old jute grainsack.

If the Grainsack Pouf isn’t quite doing it for you, Home Decorators Collection is also offering a recycled leather bar stool that could be just right for you. Of course, as an environmentally-aware individual you know that the raising of cattle for eating purposes uses a lot of the world’s resources. Land and water use, and a lot of CO2 produced are the side effects of raising the world’s cattle. If you are going to be a meat-eater, it’s important to make full use of the animal. This recycled leather bar stool upcycles a leather hide and keeps it in circulation. Rather than necessitating a new death needlessly, Home Decorators Collection’s recycled leather bar stool incorporates re-claimed materials to give you the perfect eco-conscious chair.

Decorating your home doesn’t need to involve a crisis over fashion sense versus love for the natural environment. You can have a fantastic looking home and still feel good about your environmental footprint. Shop for eco-friendly furniture and you’ll be able to relax completely.

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