Beautiful and eco-friendly kitchen flooring designs that don’t slack on style

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There has been a steady increase in the use of environmentally friendly products. They are no longer the preserve of the wealthy or those who don’t mind having unstylish materials; items which are clearly recycled. Thankfully the modern outlook has now reached the flooring industry; the emphasis is now on stylish, sustainable and durable products:

Healthy hardwood

This is a new product to the market and has been created by Lauzon, a firm based in Quebec. The product looks and feels like regular hardwood flooring, it even costs roughly the same amount! However it is activated by light, natural or artificial. Once activated it will process all airborne pollutants, actually improving the air quality in your home! The special titanium dioxide formulation added to healthy hardwood flooring options makes it capable of processing cooking smells, cigarette smoke and even VOC’s.

Leather floor

The latest approach to leather flooring is adopting the same approach as standard laminate flooring. The leather planks are made from leather waste and the planks can be clicked together; making this an easy DIY option. The leather planks can even be created to look like stone, hardwood or even suede.  It is softer than hardwood but still very durable.


Fiberglass is the latest, improved version of vinyl. The floor can be created in a huge range of styles, colors and patterns. It is water resistant, stain resistant, it is environmentally friendly and very resistant to mould. It can be laid as a sheet, tiles or even as planks. The floor can be made to look like stone, hardwood or practically anything you can imagine. It us exceptionally durable, yet soft, with a little bounce to walk on. It is also resistant to scratches and chips which makes it an excellent choice for anywhere that has a high volume of traffic.

Reclaimed hardwood

As the name suggests reclaimed hardwood is actually hardwood that has been previously used or been ‘lost’. Some trees are cut and lost into rivers or lakes, this wood can still be used as the water actually slows down the process of decay and the water pressure forces the sap out, making a better quality wood. It is also possible to use waste wood products to make laminate boards or other wood flooring options which are durable and stylish. An alternative to reclaimed wood is sustainable hardwood; this is wood which is harvested from trees which are replaced to minimize the effect on the environment.

Engineered bamboo

This product is made from bamboo, but instead of using the bamboo whole it is made by weaving the bamboo fibers together. Unless inspected very closely it is impossible to tell the difference between this and solid bamboo. In fact, engineered bamboo is stronger and cheaper than solid bamboo. It is also guaranteed to be environmentally friendly, unlike some bamboo products which are made from bamboo which has been specifically planted and has displaced a rainforest in the process!

Engineered stone

Stone is one of the most durable products available and a natural resource that is in abundance across the world. Engineered stone is a mixture of composite worktops and terrazzo flooring; but it is designed exclusively for floors. It is made from grit, specifically from marble, quartz, granite and porcelain. It is bonded together with a special resin and then molded into slabs which are polished to a high quality finish. The slabs can be created in a huge variety of styles and shapes. They are thinner than most natural stones which make them easier to lay. It is even possible to make these from recycled bottled glass!


Last but not least, we have rubber flooring options. This all-natural material is environmentally-friendly, extremely durable and waterproof. It comes in a wealth of styles, patterns and sizes; and it is an excellent option within the home. Rubber mats in particular, are great in high-traffic zones, such as the hallway and the kitchen. For the living area and bedrooms, you might want to consider rubber flooring.

There are numerous flooring options one can install in the kitchen. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options that are also eco-friendly, the ones we mentioned will surely exceed your expectations.

By Alfred Stallion and CobaEurope.com!

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