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Let’s face it, most of us are secretly a little jealous of the homes that big stars and society’s elite can afford owing to their massively augmented incomes and access to funds beyond our wildest dreams. While us mere mortals are able to improve a floor here and a set of stairs there, the bigger stars and celebrities are able to improve an estate of houses all at once, often spending millions in the process. At Grant Elevators, quality and luxury are the watchwords and in this article we take a look at what the stars get up to in the comfort of their own castles.

Cindy Crawford bought a Malibu beach house for $6m before remodeling and selling it for $13.3m. How did she do it? Simply by enhancing what the house already had. No space was added, however there were banks of windows added to the walls facing the Pacific ocean and an open plan theme was implemented in the interior simply by knocking down some walls and tinkering with the layout a little.

Star of the Disney show “High School Musical”, Ashley Tisdale recently sold her home for $2.3m. This was a little below the asking price but that aside, the house has some lovely touches and was built by her father. The walk in closet for example has an actual island in it and features a sumptuous marble finish that gleams with a high-polish finish. The pool has a beautiful open fire-lit seating area under a white brick, red roof gazebo and the balconies overlooking the pool are elegantly arched.

Star singer and songwriter Sia (a pop powerhouse of Australian origin) is known for her eccentricity and flamboyance and after having written massive hits for a slew of top pop icons (think Rihanna, David Guetta, Flo Rida and Beyonce) it’s safe to say that on top of a few smash hits of her own she isn’t short of a few cents. Her property portfolio is naturally flamboyant and charming and one of the best features of her latest acquisition is that of a beautiful, almost monastic entry vestibule in her $4m Mediterranean Revival house.

One of the most successful actresses in history, Julia Roberts has amassed a staggering personal fortune (and no wonder, she is wonderfully talented.) Her property manifest is extremely impressive and she is known to have an eye for a bargain. Her Hawaii estate is absolutely stunning and is currently on the market for a jaw dropping $26m. It’s no wonder though as some of the features of this gorgeous 2-acre beach property are without equal. With a conservatory bigger than some people’s entire house boasting views of the Hawaiian mountains, kitchens with heated floors as well as a master bedroom the size of a small tennis court it’s fair to say that while $26m is a lot of money even for the rich and famous, what you’re getting is nothing short of beautiful.

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