Wind solar energy

Wind solar energy

Solar wind energy is a type of renewable energy obtained transforming wind energy flowing through a chimney into electrical energy. The operating principle is based on the movement that occurs in the air due to the decreased density when heated.

The simplest mechanism for this effect can be achieved by a tower of a dark color so that the sun rays impinge on it observe radiation as heat energy and warms the air contained therein. Thus an increase of air is produced by having a lower density. Grooves in the base so that the suction air produced by the fireplace restarts Soak advancement are open.

If this mechanism is added turbines in the air inlet slots that move with the wind and are connected to a generator to produce electrical energy is achieved. This effect can be multiplied if around the base of the tower a collecting area also called conservatory area that absorbs solar radiation and heats the air before climbing through the tower is located.

Madrid was built near a plant that used this idea. The tower measuring around 200 meters and 10 meters in diameter. The collector surface had a diameter of 240 m (46,000 m2) and produced 50 kilowatts.

There is another model that combines solar tower three ideas: the model of the tower power plants, solar tower and gas turbines. Of this mixture to a central collecting surface rather than around the base it has heliostats to reflect solar radiation to a transparent area having the chimney and where the cavity is located a turbine arises.

At the crossroads between sunlight high temperatures of heliostats (solar oven) are reached and the burner of the turbine which expands the air so that it can take advantage of the turbine to spin a generator-alternator is. For this purpose the air rises through the same slots that have the traditional all that are 4 meters high solar tower and bypasses the conservatory area.

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