Solar home systems (SHS)

Solar home systems (SHS)

The friendly solar technology with the environment offers significant advantages, especially for energy supply in remote homes that are not connected to the mains. This technology can be individually configured for electrical equipment that will trigger (a lighting system, a refrigerator, a radio or a TV).  You can get these installed on your new roof with the help of All Professional Remodeling Group, LLC..

The largest photovoltaic systems are used increasingly often, to replace diesel generators, which pollute much, or instead of connecting to the utility network, which is usually quite expensive. In developing countries, these systems can be used in rural areas to provide electricity for basic human needs, providing light and communication.


  • Independence on imported fuel or electricity grid
  • It helps build local infrastructure and improving the living standards of the rural population
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance compared to diesel engines
  • Silent and non-polluting
  • Modular, expandable configuration when increasing energy needs

Domestic solar systems KYOCERA systems are complete and self-sufficient supply of energy that include all the necessary components, and a wiring kit and installation instructions.

The power generation through solar modules polycrystalline high efficiency is achieved.

The lead acid battery and is regulated by valves, which provides long life without maintenance. It combines high cyclability with a good charging efficiency. The solar charge controller prevents battery overcharge solar module and electrical appliances the excessive discharge, which makes systems are virtually foolproof.

These systems can be used in ideal conditions in most countries. The power available depends on irradiation at the site of installation.

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