Residential solar systems connected to network

Residential solar systems connected to network

More and more homeowners in Europe and elsewhere are expressing their desire to use “green electricity”. The German photovoltaic market: Current legislation offers higher remuneration for solar energy by the public grid.

This subsidizes solutions network connection where solar system operators receive more for their solar energy that they have to pay for the energy of the local company (first purchase).

This is regulated and guaranteed by the law of photovoltaic electricity supply 27 November 2003. For example, CO2 reduction program of the Credit Institute for Reconstruction provides more incentives for the installation of photovoltaic modules in residential buildings.

Kyocera Fine ceramics GmbH, together with local partner companies, has designed and built numerous megawatt solar power plants and small-scale solar arrays installed on the roofs of thousands of homes connected to the mains. These interactive systems with the network roof not only produce electricity for homes, but also allow the surplus energy to sell back to the company.

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