Solar Cooling

Solar Cooling

In addition to the environmental benefit that has, as a source of clean energy that does not use polluting materials to manufacture or cause a significant environmental impact, the use of solar energy at home has benefits that go beyond economics, with something comfortable necessary and which adds to the list of benefits.

In addition to providing the electricity needed for our daily activities, photo voltaic solar panels that are placed on the roof have the usefulness of maintaining our comfortable home, apparently because they act as a source of absorption of solar radiation, preventing heat from it transferred the ceiling and comes towards us.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of San Diego, compared the indoor temperature of a direct exposure to sunlight, and one that has a slight obstruction of solar panels, verifying a difference of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, in the light Day and Midsummer.

But this difference is not only beneficial for the hottest days because a solar panel also has the ability to “hold” the heat generated, thus reducing the energy consumption used for heating (which may also come from solar energy collected)

Another reason to evaluate the placement of solar panels at home.

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