Ready To Install Solar Panels Yourself

Ready To Install Solar Panels Yourself

Today in the Blog of Renewable Energies want to talk about how you can install yourself your own solar panel, as we want to encourage independence and wisdom attached to renewable energy. This way you can take advantage of beneficial solar energy at home.


The solar panels have great benefits, both economic and environmental to the direct users. Here are some small benefits most important of solar panels for the home:

Solar panels are an energy supply system that uses the energy of the sun and therefore, is an energy almost eternal, at least until the sun continued operation will continue. It is difficult to imagine other powerful and renewable energy as the star that enlightens us energy.

Solar panels are very quiet and very clean, making it perfect for homes where peace is needed, for example when a woman is with the weeks of pregnancy.

They save a lot of energy, saving money to make ends meet.

Solar panels enable self sufficiency and reduce energy dependence of citizens. In recent years many people have been encouraged to set up their own homemade solar panels because with them can save a large pinch in the electricity bill. Moreover, these solar panels are ready for use for 30 years, which may be redeemed long ago.

All it takes is a simple and easy work.

The maintenance of these solar panels does not require much time.

After an initial investment in a few years it will have repaid the money invested.
Allows continuous supply of renewable energy, there is no sun or sun.

On the other hand, we must not forget that renewable sonc increasingly important and that many companies are already betting on this type of energy that go together for sustainable development. It is therefore a sector that still has great potential to develop, although the current regulations in many countries have you been nipped in the bud.

Finally, note that solar panels do not produce waste, that is, they are clean energy at the time of production (not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere) and also has the problem of waste storage. Considering how landfills are the planet and the potential danger of waste from other industries, it is a major advantage.

Clearly, these panels have an added cost but the fact is that as we highlight among the benefits. After the first investment (of paying the panels and installation) we can save in the long run on electricity consumption.

Ready To Install Solar Panels Yourself


For those who like to build things for your house, you love to learn and go step by step making his first steps at home, today we present the company Solar Ready, United States, which presents its new solar installation for all those who prefer to organize themselves.

It is well known that one of the biggest problems of solar home systems, is the complication associated to mount at home and this entails costs both installation and acquisition.

Ready Solar has realized this problem that concerns us all and wanted to solve these problems. Now you have at your disposal, which they call a standard solar modules to encourage the use of solar panels in homes, and to install and maintain, thanks to them, can be simple.

Therefore, today we present his new product, called Solar in a Box (solar in a box).

Ready To Install Solar Panels Yourself  2


This new release is pre-built solar panel that at first glance could be described as something beautiful thanks to its wide variety of colors, and besides, its frame is easy to install. Solar in a Box consists of solar panels Mitsubishi the best quality and high efficiency, so you can expect the best in your home.

If you remain concerned is the installation, I must tell you that has a simple and detailed instructions step by step to help you throughout the process and as you’ll see for yourself, can make anyone who proposes. While it is in the US offer free telephone support so you can clarify all your doubts and learn more about the company.

The advantage that Solar in a Box is that if you choose will be saving money because you will not have to pay anyone for the installation, and we know that is a good money it costs, because they need experts that would normally not You can do it yourself, unless you are an expert in this type of installation.

Another advantage of this Solar in a Box is that, coming all together, fewer roof penetrations, so we keep saving money in the long solar one of those boxes are capable of producing 177 kilowatts month, always depending on weather conditions. The smallest of these boxes, has 7 panels, and costs $ 9,780.


The first advice we can give is that, first of all, you evaluate the area. That is, you must take into account the terrain and, especially, the climate. Needless to say that solar panels produce more energy the more they affect the sun’s rays.

Do you live in a sunny area? Or why otherwise you spend most of your time in a home located in a temperate and rainy weather? Keep in mind all these factors to determine whether it really suits you install solar panels on your house.

Furthermore, the solar panels must be properly oriented, so that strikes them sunlight for as long as possible. This includes direct them in the right direction and with the proper pitch. In addition, we avoid all those elements that can hinder reception from sunlight by the panels, such as trees.

It is also very important to have a clear idea of the amount of energy you consume in your home, so you know how much you need to install solar panels to get the extra energy you need. To do this, you must also know the average amount of radiation that exists in the area where you want to install the solar panels, and the ability of these.

Note that if you install solar panels are already installed by a professional company or facts in a home, no need to cancel or quit your provider usual energy because in many cases the solar panels provide an “extra” energy, that is, they are a short-term investment to save the medium and long term in your energy bill usual.

Finally, remember that it is necessary to perform maintenance of solar panels, although not overly complicated. In principle, just make sure you check that everything works fine. Sometimes, the solar panels can break as a result of hail, for example, or because of the dirty bird droppings. A dirty solar panel loses about 40% of its performance.


In ‘Erenovable are a faithful advocates of solar, wind and other clean and renewable energy. So we want to warn about the energy reform made by the government, and that increases the prices to start the activity and rates through tax support.

This new Energy Act also provides a harsh penalties for those who fail to comply with the new rules on solar panels, imposing fines up to 60 million euros, totally disproportionate.

Obviously, this has been a movement of submission large power haccia government, which has imposed its own conditions (which the government has bowed) not to miss a single crumb of the huge cake bearing tasting decades.

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