Solar Panels That Track The Sun

Solar Panels That Track The Sun

The sun is a source of energy more abundant than we, the difficult point is to find ways to harness it efficiently. Pursuing this, researchers from Smart Solar International in Tokyo, Japan, have designed a solar panel that has a system to follow the sun as it moves on its daily run.

The core component of this new device is a series of aluminum mirror bars that rotate, following the sun as it moves across the sky. These mirrors reflect the light in a central tube containing multilayer solar cells of high performance. Its construction requires very much less than that of the silicon photovoltaic panels more common.

By the nature of their design, to prevent overheating also has a device that derives the excess heat to heat water, giving an additional benefit.

According to its creators they say, this type of solar panels can produce twice as much electricity than other existing systems. We see this promise fulfilled soon as they hope to launch in October in Japan, where it is expected to help provide renewable energy to those affected by the tsunami.

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