How To Take Care Of The Environment

How To Take Care Of The Environment

More and more people are the ones who are socially aware with a need for change, to protect the environment, respect nature and live in balance with it. If you’re one of us, pay attention to this article:

Previously, we have given advice to save energy, like putting a bit in slowing climate change with the use of renewable energy sources, but today we go one step further with a compilation of the best published articles will serve to learn better care for the environment.

In Erenovable we are always aware of everything that has to do with being able to collaborate in caring for the environment and also to allow us to retain all those fundamental resources for future generations. Our colleagues from The Green Blog echoed some simple tips to save energy and protect the environment by what they include in this compilation are also made.

How To Take Care Of The Environment


The best to protect the environment is to save electricity. If you want to do and as light as you save on this link: Saving Energy: Tips for saving energy and protecting the environment.

Also water consumption and saving is something necessaries to save our environment. Follow these tips and you’ll help your planet: Saving water: tips and tricks for saving water.

If you have no idea or experience when it comes to recycling or try saving on consumption, you need to read about the World Day for Recycling, and when and how is celebrated. I recommend this post: World Recycling Day, how to celebrate?

For those who use the computer daily, you know what do with Windows Vista you can save energy? I recommend this article: Windows Vista saves energy.

If you have lawn or you want to put and doubts among themselves artificial or natural, you need to read this post in which you talk about the “pros” and “cons” of both and depending on the environment: Artificial turf vs. natural grass.


A full post to understand the solar panels, is this where you explain all about the solar energy: Solar Energy.

If you are thinking of putting panels on your house but do not reach the budget, you can opt for other more economical materials. In this post I talked about them: Capturing solar energy with low cost materials.

For those who want to install solar panels and are interested in solar cookers, to know that we already have in Spain; all the information here: First commercial solar cookers to Spain .


How to get news from the coffee Biodieses: high quality Biodiesel from Waste coffee beans.

News about President Obama and one of its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: Barack Obama wants to establish a new limit for vehicle emissions.

News about the CO2 savings with the use of copper: The copper would save 320 million tons of CO2.

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