In recent times more and more people seek new and alternative methods of getting energy for your home. One of those who have developed more recently is the passive solar energy. But what exactly and how it can help improve the energy efficiency of our house?


The Solar passive is to direct input of solar radiation. Applied in the case of a home, which is what interests us today, involves a special architectural design to maximize energy efficiency.

The most important elements are: double facades facing south and glass surfaces, among others. Thanks to her we can get lighting and heating in a sustainable and generating significant energy savings.

The passive or bioclimatic solar energy does not use extra mechanical components for their production (as could be the solar panels), but is based in design, materials of construction, and the use of natural resources (energy solar, wind).

Some of the basic elements for the production of passive solar energy are:


Glazings are used and / or walls collectors specifically oriented (south, if we are in the Northern Hemisphere) to capture solar energy for greenhouse the heat is retained.

Isolations for conservation are made hot in north facing wall.

The heat obtained from walls and ceilings is a thermal mass, whose energy is stored and transferred to inside the house.

The cooling is handled gain preventing heat for what are used with spoilers, blinds and shutters. Another method is the extraction of heat at night.

The natural light is generated with reflective panels that send light to the interior. The paintings clearly help to make better use of light obtained with passive solar energy.


The use of passive solar energy has a number of advantages which we shall see below:

On the one hand, it is a renewable energy, which comes from an inexhaustible source of energy in the very long term and is the sun. That is, solar radiation will always exist and therefore can always produce heat. It is clear, though, that depending on the area, the weather or the time of year, more or less energy will be produced.

It’s a totally energy respectful with the environment.To produce this kind of energy do not need any combustion process and therefore do not smoke or air pollutants substances are released, which helps protect the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect and prevent avoid phenomena caused by pollution such as acid rain.

Passive solar energy is a support that can be very beneficial in the home, providing the heat necessary or complementary, that is, reducing our invoice light or heating.

The passive solar installations are to the taste of each, that is, you decide how many panels you want to place and how much energy you want to produce. It is therefore important to know the amount of energy expended in your home periodically (monthly, for example).

In addition, and following the installation is really easy to install infrastructure to create passive solar energy. It does not require large outlays or large-scale installations. Even yourself can make your own homemade solar panels. Also, maintenance is not overly complicated.

Finally we will quote the work of awareness. The use of passive solar energy and great little awareness of the possibility of using natural and renewable sources of energy without further destroying the planet’s resources.

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