The solar panels have been a real “boom” for those who are eager to be able to find an alternative to electricity, in fact in recent years there have been various companies or companies engaged in manufacturing so we want to talk now about the which may be the best solar panels.

Mountain solar panel

Solar energy has become one of the most important renewable energy, and in fact we ourselves can not just have it in cars or appliances running on this energy, but also can have at home thanks to solar panels we can settle ourselves and that will take full advantage of the sunlight and thus avoid having to use electricity, so we need to know what is the best or most appropriate for our needs.


There are two types of solar panels and the panels are photovoltaic traditional, who may be best known, and thin-film modules.

The difference, or indeed what everyone knows about them is that the PV can be installed on the ground or on poles or on the roof and also its size is considerable.

In the case of the thin film, which in fact are also photovoltaic, I must say that they are much thinner, which are installed quite easily on a roof or on a terrace , for example, and that many people are much more aesthetic or to put it somewhat more attractive.



The photovoltaic solar panels, and that ye surely seen on top of buildings or in large fields, are able to collect energy from sunlight and through the use of silicone and other materials that allow you to store such power.

They are very good when the sun is shining, that is, they bring a lot of energy but not so when the sun goes down, so have a storage system which allows that we have stored energy, similar to what they do batteries.

Apart from a clear difference between the thickness, or the way they are installed, it must be said that solar panels are photovoltaic or thin, they are both quite expensive cases in the installation (the thin layer a bit more), and although we probably will not reach the budget, we must bear in mind that in the long run will be a future investment.

You can now spend a lot of money in settling panels on our terrace, but think of all the money in the long run and over the years, of you might be saving on electricity standard.


This type of solar panels also “suck” the energy of the sun, although many people are still better, simply because they are much thinner and actually are able to give us a lot of energy.

Said panels are of a very thin film, are made from a materials that is very lightweight and flexible. A material that permits very thin layers and that is reactive making the need for thicker layers in the panels are avoided.

That is why, I repeat, are better for many people, although we can put on the tile floor or a terrace or a roof and without the need to support one.


Researchers continue to study ways to create cheaper and more efficient solar panels . Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most desirable in the world, yet even today is not implemented for several main reasons:

For one, the weather conditions prevent the solar panels, in most locations, absorb an amount of energy fixed and constant, since the amount of energy collected depends largely on that shine, that simple.

On the other hand, there are no systems of transport and storage of such energy sufficiently reliable.

Furthermore, today, the amount of energy that are capable of producing the solar panels no reward for many people the high initial outlay is needed (you can also make your own solar panels, if desired).

Eradicate these three problems that go together with solar panels is intended for researchers in the sector. In addition, the new panels also evolving in other ways, for example in relation to its aesthetic and its shock resistance.

Solar panels today are tested severely to see resistance that can resist against, for example, weather conditions such as hail. Current solar panels are able to withstand stones 4 centimeters in diameter at 200 km / h withstand a weight of 1,000 kg per square meter.

On the other hand, there are many voices say that solar panels break the aesthetics of buildings and involve, wherever they put a great visual impact. You are very ugly, come on. In this sense, we are beginning to see solar panels so-called terracotta, with a color that mimics the tiles of buildings.

Now, where it leads the medium-term future, it is difficult to forecast it. The initiatives will not let you leave, even some believe here in Spain that in the future the windows will be transparent photovoltaic cells that make the window function and power generation. You have to see it with our own eyes.

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